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Evaluation in the SDGs Era – SDGs時代の評価: 価値を引き出し、変容を促す営み (SDGs時代のESDと社会的レジリエンス研究叢書 5) 

By 米原 あき (著, 編集), 佐藤 真久 (著, 編集), 長尾 眞文 (著, 編集) 本書では、「SDGs時代の評価─価値を引き出し、変容を促す営み」と題して、筆者らのミクロ実践からマクロ政策までの幅広い知見のもとで、SDGs時代の評価に関わる考察が行われてきた。各章のキーワードは、『SDGs時代における評価概念のシフト』、『評価における社会変容と個人変容の連動』、『国際協力の協働パートナーシップ』、『通域的な学び』、『発展的評価』、『ブルーマーブル評価』であった。そして、これらの論考には、価値をめぐる協働と学びの取り組みがあり、価値の問い直し、価値の意味づけ、価値の共創の取り組みへの主体的なコミットメントが見られる。 Book available on Amazon Year 2022 Principle 1: Global Thinking, Principle 3: Transformative Engagement, Principle 6: GLOCAL

Principles-Driven Responsive Philanthropy: Building Bridges Across Communities for Peace, Prosperity and Planet

This webinar provides an in-depth look at how one foundation applied the Blue Marble Evaluation principles to their work.   GHR Foundation, an independent foundation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, exists to be of service to people and their limitless potential for good.  In 2016, the global call from Pope Francis to “build bridges, not walls” … Read more

Remote Developmental Evaluation: A Guide for Funders and Practitioners

Developmental Evaluation (DE) seeks to enhance programs by strengthening innovation and adaptation, in part through physically embedding evaluators within projects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shift to remote work, encouraging DE implementers to do what they do best — innovate and adapt — to continue remotely. In response, USAID/Indonesia commissioned Social Impact to prepare a Guide … Read more

An elusive BME ideal: Harmonizing South/North interests, worldviews and frameworks

Description: World-savvy, glocally-orientated evaluators have to be adept at working across all sorts of silos and boundaries. Over the past 3-4 decades, North-South cooperation in the ‘aid’ or philanthropy sectors has been an important focus for evaluation; much less so South-South, North-North or triangular cooperation. Despite some recent shifts, significant differences remain between the ‘Global South’ … Read more

Learning as you go: Becoming part of the solution as a Blue Marble Evaluator navigating the pandemic

What are we learning in this pandemic? We are seeing that individuals matter: individual actions have reverberating consequences. We are also seeing that systems matter: how systems act to address the pandemic and protect peoples have dire consequences for the individuals that live in society and for the rest of us around the blue marble. Various levels of governments … Read more

Thresholds of Transformation: How r3.0 Defines “Progress”

This webinar is now complete. Click here to access a recording of this webinar. Summary: r3.0 (Redesign for Resilience and Regeneration) just hosted its 7th International Conference in September, and so in this webinar, they present a round-up of activity from it. The Program structure revolves around four thematic pairings that align with r3.0’s Work Ecosystem and its vision of the elements … Read more

A Guest Post from Elena Bonometti following our Conversation with Tostan

Founded in 1991, Tostan is best known for its outstanding contributions to the movement for the abandonment of female genital cutting and child marriage in Africa. Tostan is widely recognized as a leader in building community well-being grounded in human rights. Tostan realizes its mission of empowering African communities to bring about sustainable development and … Read more

The role of institutions for transformation in the global South

Summary: To quote a researcher from a recent study of institutions in Africa, “How is Africa ever going to develop if it doesn’t  have its own set of very strong institutions?” If we are going to collectively address global challenges, strong national partners are essential. A continuing failure to address this gap in many parts of the world will … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation: A Blue Marble Evaluation Perspective

Climate change and the global emergency changes everything. The global mandate heard everywhere now is TRANSFORMATION.  Business-as-usual criteria (like the revised DAC Network on Development Evaluation evaluation criteria) are not adequate for evaluating transformation. Based on Blue Marble Evaluation premises and principles, this webinar will introduce and discuss six criteria for evaluating transformation.  The purpose is not … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation: Thinking in Transformational Ways at a Time When We Urgently Need To

This article by McKnight Foundation International program director Jane Maland Cady was originally published by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food and adapted here with permission. Summary: The McKnight Foundation has supported the first of the Blue Marble Evaluation innovators — from Michael Quinn Patton and the World Savvy team, to the evaluators embedded in the Global … Read more