An elusive BME ideal: Harmonizing South/North interests, worldviews and frameworks

Description: World-savvy, glocally-orientated evaluators have to be adept at working across all sorts of silos and boundaries. Over the past 3-4 decades, North-South cooperation in the ‘aid’ or philanthropy sectors has been an important focus for evaluation; much less so South-South, North-North or triangular cooperation. Despite some recent shifts, significant differences remain between the ‘Global South’ … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Evaluating Transformation: Implications for the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Global Climate Emergency

Fundamental systems transformations are needed to address the global emergency brought on by climate change and related global trends, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which, together, pose existential threats to the future of humanity. Transformation has become the clarion call on the global stage. Evaluating transformation requires criteria. The revised Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development/Development … Read more

Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Group

One of the best methods for understanding transformations systems is the process of mapping them. There are a wide range of methods but there have been few attempts to document all current mapping methods and to understand when to use one type of mapping methods vs. another and more importantly to determine how to integrate … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation Webinar Summary

Webinar Recording available here. Webinar FAQ responses available here. PowerPoint: The presentation is a work in progress, so the PowerPoint is a work in progress. The webinar recording is available but the PP is not ready for dissemination. I’m working on an article that will be published later this year. That will have the full, polished presentation. But that … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation: A Blue Marble Evaluation Perspective

Climate change and the global emergency changes everything. The global mandate heard everywhere now is TRANSFORMATION.  Business-as-usual criteria (like the revised DAC Network on Development Evaluation evaluation criteria) are not adequate for evaluating transformation. Based on Blue Marble Evaluation premises and principles, this webinar will introduce and discuss six criteria for evaluating transformation.  The purpose is not … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation Webinar Q&A

Webinar Recording available here. Click here to read a summary blog about webinar with resource links. CHAT QUESTIONS and FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS (in red) and PARTICIPANTS’ COMMENTS, WITH MQP RESPONSES Questions (in red) grouped together. There are many questions so I’ll try to keep responses short. This is an ongoing dialogue. Will the PowerPoint be available? MQP: The … Read more