December 2020

Transforming Food Systems with Beacons of Hope

Summary: Around the world, an extensive network of people and initiatives are transforming food systems. Beacons of Hope: Accelerating Food Systems Transformation is a project by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food that aims to amplify the power and potential of transforming food systems to address critical global issues such as climate change, biodiversity, equity, … Read more

Perspectives on Precedents: Viewing 2020 in a Larger Historical, Cultural, and Political Context

Kim van der Woerd and Michael Quinn Patton worked together in 2016 as part of a team that created the Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning Program at Simon Fraser University. This interactive blog illustrates and updates the kinds of conversations that framed the generation of that program MQP: This is the time of year when … Read more

Nature as a Stakeholder – A love story

From our Gulf of Maine Blue Marble Hub in Portland Maine, we have a Love Story about Nature. In today’s world, the dominant worldview is one where humans have control over nature. What if our love for the abundance that nature provides can be translated as legal status as a living being, not a bundle of … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation First Anniversary

Click here to watch a recording of our one-year anniversary sunrise ceremony, featuring a prayer for our Earth by Nicole Bowman and contributions and stories from members from around the globe. Principle 1: Global Thinking, Principle 2: Anthropocene as Context, Principle 5: Transboundary Engagement, Principle 6: GLOCAL, Principle 12: Skin-in-the-Game

2020 in Words: Insights into the Trajectory of Humanity on the Blue Marble

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”  – Rita Mae Brown, American feminist writer At the end of each year the Oxford English Dictionary selects a word of the year. The selection is both retrospective, chosen because of dramatically increased use in both … Read more