Principle 12: Skin-in-the-game

A Blue Marble Moment

Under a massive and slowly spinning earthen globe in the SSE Hydro in Glasgow Scotland, I joined a meditation circle of 12 people led by two monks from Plum Village Monastery in France. The Monastery, founded by Thich Nhat Han, has become a spiritual lifeline for several of the leaders of CoP26. This makes sense when you consider … Read more

A Clarion Call for Food Systems Transformation

As part of preparation and building momentum for the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit more than 900 Independent Dialogues have taken place around the world. These Summit Dialogues aim to offer a seat at the table to all interested stakeholders, giving them an opportunity to debate, collaborate, and provide input into deliberations on the future of food. Conveners of … Read more

Learning as you go: Becoming part of the solution as a Blue Marble Evaluator navigating the pandemic

What are we learning in this pandemic? We are seeing that individuals matter: individual actions have reverberating consequences. We are also seeing that systems matter: how systems act to address the pandemic and protect peoples have dire consequences for the individuals that live in society and for the rest of us around the blue marble. Various levels of governments … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation Principles in Japanese

Blue Marble Japan, Inc. aims to facilitate system transformation to realize a sustainable world. They have translated the Blue Marble Principles into Japanese. Click here to view the principles Download the principles

Perspectives on Precedents: Viewing 2020 in a Larger Historical, Cultural, and Political Context

Kim van der Woerd and Michael Quinn Patton worked together in 2016 as part of a team that created the Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning Program at Simon Fraser University. This interactive blog illustrates and updates the kinds of conversations that framed the generation of that program MQP: This is the time of year when … Read more

Nature as a Stakeholder – A love story

From our Gulf of Maine Blue Marble Hub in Portland Maine, we have a Love Story about Nature. In today’s world, the dominant worldview is one where humans have control over nature. What if our love for the abundance that nature provides can be translated as legal status as a living being, not a bundle of … Read more

TRUST on the leading edge of survival

In January, before the pandemic, I offered a blog on Moving at the Speed of Trust: The Role of Blue Marble Evaluation.  This is an updated review of how attention to trust has evolved during this turbulent year. In that new year’s blog I wrote: Trust matters for transformation. The Blue Marble theory of transformation hypothesizes … Read more

Evaluation Implications of the Coronavirus Global Health Pandemic Emergency

I’ve been doing evaluations and writing about the evaluation profession for nearly 50 years. For the last decade, I’ve been writing about evaluation under conditions of complexity (Developmental Evaluation) and global systems transformations (Blue Marble Evaluation). I’ve been getting queries from colleagues young and old, novice evaluators and long-time practitioners, asking how I’m making sense … Read more

Identifying and living into your Personal Principles – What it truly means to have skin in the game

In this webinar, Nora Murphy Johnson applies the Blue Marble Perspective to our personal development as blue marble evaluators. Because people and systems are interrelated and interdependent, global systems transformation will not happen without individual inner transformation. But what does that mean? And how do we chart our own individual transformation journeys? Hint: It starts with seeing … Read more

The Interconnection Between the Global and the Personal: A Blue Marble Perspective

At the end of February, as part of a speaking engagement on Blue Marble Evaluation in Charlotte, North Carolina, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of community leaders, activists, and scholars to discuss how we collectively and individually approach the climate emergency in our own work and our lives. The group included … Read more