September 2020

Blue Marble Evaluation UX Study

The Blue Marble Evaluation website went live in November 2019, with the goal of building a diverse global community of evaluators and evaluation users committed to the principles of Blue Marble Evaluation. Over the last nine months, we have been working to create an online space that provides useful information to promote and implement Blue Marble Evaluation as … Read more

Reflection on Curves: Pandemic curves, climate curves, social justice curves, and humanity’s learning curve

It seems like a long, long time ago when the clarion call for managing the coronavirus pandemic was flattening the curve, but it was only seven months ago. I predicted at the time that the widely communicated and highly effective graphic disseminated by CDC (2020) would become the world’s most famous, influential, and recognizable graphic visualization. … Read more

75th Birthday Tribute to MQP

In honor of Blue Marble Evaluation’s founder, Michael Quinn Patton’s 75th Birthday on September 5, 2020, we invited some of his colleagues, friends and family to sing along to “Sweet MQP” to the tune of Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond, one of Michael’s favorite songs. We also invited members and friends to sing Happy Birthday to … Read more