June 2021

June 2021 Newsletter

As we look ahead to the June solstice, we are taking a breather from producing new content over the summer months (here in the northern hemisphere) to do some work on our network structure and the support we offer to our members. We will return with new webinars and programming in September. In the meantime, … Read more

Footprint Evaluation

Footprint evaluation focuses on the ‘footprint’ that human systems make on natural systems. This requires attention to the nexus between human systems and natural systems. Footprint evaluation is grounded in the premise that all evaluations should include consideration of environmental sustainability, even when this is not a stated goal of the intervention. This is so … Read more

“No Lines”. For Blue Marble Evaluation

Blog originally posted on https://zendaofir.com/no-lines-for-blue-marble-evaluation/. Reposted with permission. “Between me and not-me there is surely a line, a clear distinction, or so it seems. But, now that I look, where is that line?” Donella Meadows, 1987. Blue Marble Evaluation. It is good to have been engaged in it from the beginning, and to be on its Advisory … Read more

Praxis Makes Perfect? Transcending Textbooks to Learning Evaluation Experientially and in Cultural Contexts

This article provides aspiring Blue Marble Evaluators with an alternative framework for thinking about professional development outside of “formal” and “scholarly” learning spaces. Particularly relevant in the context of the anthropocene, the article offers experiential learning in the field and within cultural contexts as a much-needed professional design component for developing responsive, effective, and transformative … Read more

A Developmental Evaluation Companion

By Jamie Gamble, Kate McKegg, Mark Cabaj The McConnell Foundation (2021) A Developmental Evaluation Companion introduces the concept to changemakers, and to the evaluators, critical friends and reality testers, who are their partners in that change journey. The book provides an overview of the essential elements  of Developmental Evaluation (DE) to create some coherence, not to … Read more

Regenerate Costa Rica + Blue Marble Baseline = Learning by Doing

Regenerate Costa Rica is an initiative by the University for International Cooperation launched in 2018. The initiative brings together a community with multiple capacities in order to reflect, plan and activate projects that enable the country’s transition towards a regenerative paradigm. Given the realities of the anthropocene playing out across Costa Rica (one of the most … Read more