Evaluation in the SDGs Era: Adapting “Developmental Evaluation” in the Japanese Context

The book “Evaluation in the SDGs era: A dynamics for value extraction and social/individual transformation” (tentative title; written in Japanese) is going to be published from Tsukuba-Shobo in December 2021. Prior to publication, we would like to reconsider about evaluation in the SDGs era with Dr. Michael Patton, who contributed a chapter with a full … Read more

Evaluation in the SDGs Era – SDGs時代の評価: 価値を引き出し、変容を促す営み (SDGs時代のESDと社会的レジリエンス研究叢書 5) 

By 米原 あき (著, 編集), 佐藤 真久 (著, 編集), 長尾 眞文 (著, 編集) 本書では、「SDGs時代の評価─価値を引き出し、変容を促す営み」と題して、筆者らのミクロ実践からマクロ政策までの幅広い知見のもとで、SDGs時代の評価に関わる考察が行われてきた。各章のキーワードは、『SDGs時代における評価概念のシフト』、『評価における社会変容と個人変容の連動』、『国際協力の協働パートナーシップ』、『通域的な学び』、『発展的評価』、『ブルーマーブル評価』であった。そして、これらの論考には、価値をめぐる協働と学びの取り組みがあり、価値の問い直し、価値の意味づけ、価値の共創の取り組みへの主体的なコミットメントが見られる。 Book available on Amazon Year 2022 Principle 1: Global Thinking, Principle 3: Transformative Engagement, Principle 6: GLOCAL

Principles-Driven Responsive Philanthropy: Building Bridges Across Communities for Peace, Prosperity and Planet

This webinar provides an in-depth look at how one foundation applied the Blue Marble Evaluation principles to their work.   GHR Foundation, an independent foundation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, exists to be of service to people and their limitless potential for good.  In 2016, the global call from Pope Francis to “build bridges, not walls” … Read more

Fostering an Intergenerational Approach to Transforming Evaluation

In this webinar, we heard from several young and emerging evaluators and leaders from the EvalYouth Global Network about the ways they are embedding BME principles into their work, both as a network and as individual evaluators. EvalYouth is a global, multi-stakeholder partnership/network that supports and promotes young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) and youth-led accountability around the world. The … Read more

A Clarion Call for Food Systems Transformation

As part of preparation and building momentum for the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit more than 900 Independent Dialogues have taken place around the world. These Summit Dialogues aim to offer a seat at the table to all interested stakeholders, giving them an opportunity to debate, collaborate, and provide input into deliberations on the future of food. Conveners of … Read more

Independent Dialogues Leading to the UN Food Systems Summit

The Blue Marble Evaluation Network (BME) has been commissioned to synthesize the reports of Independent Dialogues as part of preparation for the UN Food Systems Summit in September. Through June more than 700 Independent Dialogues have been registered. It is helpful to locate the contributions of the Independent Dialogues in relation to the other workstreams of preparation and planning for the … Read more

Regenerate Costa Rica + Blue Marble Baseline = Learning by Doing

Regenerate Costa Rica is an initiative by the University for International Cooperation launched in 2018. The initiative brings together a community with multiple capacities in order to reflect, plan and activate projects that enable the country’s transition towards a regenerative paradigm. Given the realities of the anthropocene playing out across Costa Rica (one of the most … Read more

Evaluation in the Face of the Climate Emergency: Observations & Synthesis

Guest Blue Marble Evaluation blog from Scott C. Chaplowe, a dedicated evaluation professional with over 20 years’ experience working with civic, public and private organizations seeking sustainable solutions for social and environmental challenges. His academic training is in geography (UCLA), with a focus on human and natural resource management. He has been influenced by the sub-disciplines … Read more

Relational Systems Thinking

This webinar was a celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Working group and highlighted the work of the hosts of our 13th workstream – Decolonizing Systems Mapping. Turtle Island Institute (TII) is a global Indigenous social innovation think & do tank, a teaching lodge.  Over the past couple of years TII … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Evaluating Transformation: Implications for the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Global Climate Emergency

Fundamental systems transformations are needed to address the global emergency brought on by climate change and related global trends, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which, together, pose existential threats to the future of humanity. Transformation has become the clarion call on the global stage. Evaluating transformation requires criteria. The revised Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development/Development … Read more