ESRI Story Map Introduction to the Working Group

Check out an in-depth ESRI Story Map introducing the Working Group here! Transformations Systems Workstreams Academic Pathways and Careers Collaboratory, Gulf of Maine, Indicators, Scorecards, Dashboards, LatinAfrique XChange, Mapping the inner dimensions, Systems Thinkers Mapping Who’s Involved, Transformations Systems Mapping Tool Kit, Transformative Capacities for Navigating Crisis, Unifying Framework, WG Integration – Inclusion, Generosity, Story & Flow, What Is Transformation?

A Social Equity Assessment Tool (SEAT) for Evaluation

The paper discusses the lack of a methodological tool for equity assessment in the evaluation field. It highlights the historical neglect of equity and social justice in some of the most widely and globally utilized evaluation criteria, including the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Evaluation Criteria, and its implications for the evaluation field’s equity assessment … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation Principles in Japanese

Blue Marble Japan, Inc. aims to facilitate system transformation to realize a sustainable world. They have translated the Blue Marble Principles into Japanese. Click here to view the principles Download the principles