Webinar Recordings

Evaluation in the SDGs Era: Adapting “Developmental Evaluation” in the Japanese Context

The book “Evaluation in the SDGs era: A dynamics for value extraction and social/individual transformation” (tentative title; written in Japanese) is going to be published from Tsukuba-Shobo in December 2021. Prior to publication, we would like to reconsider about evaluation in the SDGs era with Dr. Michael Patton, who contributed a chapter with a full … Read more

Evidence for Impact Webinar: Developmental Evaluation

This webinar by Social Impact explores the essential principles of developmental evaluation (DE) and how funders adapt them to in a variety of scenarios and contexts. As DE gains traction, people are implementing them in different ways and taking full advantage of DE’s commitment to flexibility. But how much flexibility it too much? What is … Read more

Principles-Driven Responsive Philanthropy: Building Bridges Across Communities for Peace, Prosperity and Planet

This webinar provides an in-depth look at how one foundation applied the Blue Marble Evaluation principles to their work.   GHR Foundation, an independent foundation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, exists to be of service to people and their limitless potential for good.  In 2016, the global call from Pope Francis to “build bridges, not walls” … Read more

Remote Developmental Evaluation: A Guide for Funders and Practitioners

Developmental Evaluation (DE) seeks to enhance programs by strengthening innovation and adaptation, in part through physically embedding evaluators within projects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shift to remote work, encouraging DE implementers to do what they do best — innovate and adapt — to continue remotely. In response, USAID/Indonesia commissioned Social Impact to prepare a Guide … Read more

Fostering an Intergenerational Approach to Transforming Evaluation

In this webinar, we heard from several young and emerging evaluators and leaders from the EvalYouth Global Network about the ways they are embedding BME principles into their work, both as a network and as individual evaluators. EvalYouth is a global, multi-stakeholder partnership/network that supports and promotes young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) and youth-led accountability around the world. The … Read more

Buddhist and Taoist Systems Thinking and Blue Marble Evaluation: Exploring the Synergies for Systems Transformation

In the context of the Anthropocene, organizations today struggle in finding a balance between maximizing profits and generating value for their stakeholders, the environment and the society at large. Josep M. Coll’s new book Buddhist and Taoist Systems Thinking: the natural path to sustainable transformation (Routledge) explores a radical new conception of business and management. It is … Read more

Regenerate Costa Rica + Blue Marble Baseline = Learning by Doing

Regenerate Costa Rica is an initiative by the University for International Cooperation launched in 2018. The initiative brings together a community with multiple capacities in order to reflect, plan and activate projects that enable the country’s transition towards a regenerative paradigm. Given the realities of the anthropocene playing out across Costa Rica (one of the most … Read more

An elusive BME ideal: Harmonizing South/North interests, worldviews and frameworks

Description: World-savvy, glocally-orientated evaluators have to be adept at working across all sorts of silos and boundaries. Over the past 3-4 decades, North-South cooperation in the ‘aid’ or philanthropy sectors has been an important focus for evaluation; much less so South-South, North-North or triangular cooperation. Despite some recent shifts, significant differences remain between the ‘Global South’ … Read more

Evaluation Facilitation principles meet Blue Marble Evaluation principles: Professional Development to be World Savvy in a Virtual World

This webinar is now complete. Click here to listen to a recording of this webinar. Click here to view the chat log from the webinar. Learn how two professional development and capability-building trainers, Glenn Page and Michael Quinn Patton, are adapting to the online environment. Two principles-focused evaluation approaches interconnect as Glenn will focus on how to apply the principles of Blue Marble … Read more

Relational Systems Thinking

This webinar was a celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Working group and highlighted the work of the hosts of our 13th workstream – Decolonizing Systems Mapping. Turtle Island Institute (TII) is a global Indigenous social innovation think & do tank, a teaching lodge.  Over the past couple of years TII … Read more