May 2020

Transforming Small Scale Fisheries with a Blue Marble Lens: the Case of West Africa

Small scale, wild capture fisheries provide employment, food, and livelihoods for tens of millions of people globally.  Listen as we introduce Kofi Agbogah Executive Director of of Hen Mopano in Ghana and Dr. Alasdair Harris Executive Director of Blue Ventures as they discuss truly innovative and integrative programs.

Evaluation Implications of the Coronavirus Global Health Pandemic Emergency

I’ve been doing evaluations and writing about the evaluation profession for nearly 50 years. For the last decade, I’ve been writing about evaluation under conditions of complexity (Developmental Evaluation) and global systems transformations (Blue Marble Evaluation). I’ve been getting queries from colleagues young and old, novice evaluators and long-time practitioners, asking how I’m making sense … Read more

Identifying and living into your Personal Principles – What it truly means to have skin in the game

In this webinar, Nora Murphy Johnson applies the Blue Marble Perspective to our personal development as blue marble evaluators. Because people and systems are interrelated and interdependent, global systems transformation will not happen without individual inner transformation. But what does that mean? And how do we chart our own individual transformation journeys? Hint: It starts with seeing … Read more