April 2020

Book Review: Blue Marble Premises and Principles

By Robert Picciotto, University of Auckland, New Zealand American Journal of Evaluation, 2020 Summary: Michael Quinn Patton’s Blue Marble Evaluation is a forward-looking, path-breaking, and timely contribution to evaluation theory and practice. The title of the book evokes the Blue Marble shot—a photograph of the whole earth taken by the Apollo 17 astronauts in 1972. The preface of … Read more

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by Zooming Out and Zooming In

With lockdowns and stay home orders spanning the globe to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’ve all been spending an awful lot of time on Zoom these days. I know I have. Even my 2 and 6 year olds have. And now the language of “zoomed out” has become commonplace. I think we are all feeling … Read more

APEA Webinar Follow-up: Further Implications of the Global Health Emergency for Evaluation

On April 21, 2020, the Asia Pacific Evaluation Association hosted a webinar where they asked Michael Quinn Patton to explore the implications of the novel coronavirus for evaluation. The recording of the webinar can be found here. The webinar generated lively discussion among participants. Below are some of the questions and comments shared in the chat during the … Read more

The role of institutions for transformation in the global South

Summary: To quote a researcher from a recent study of institutions in Africa, “How is Africa ever going to develop if it doesn’t  have its own set of very strong institutions?” If we are going to collectively address global challenges, strong national partners are essential. A continuing failure to address this gap in many parts of the world will … Read more

Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Group

One of the best methods for understanding transformations systems is the process of mapping them. There are a wide range of methods but there have been few attempts to document all current mapping methods and to understand when to use one type of mapping methods vs. another and more importantly to determine how to integrate … Read more