March 2020

Aftermath of the 50th Anniversary of the Blue Marble (Earth) Day

Despite not being able to be held in person, the swell of online activity around International Mother Earth Day this year, the movement’s 50th anniversary, demonstrates just how much we are connected to one another – no matter where on earth we are. Now, more than ever, this landmark event calls on us to think and act systemically … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation Webinar Summary

Webinar Recording available here. Webinar FAQ responses available here. PowerPoint: The presentation is a work in progress, so the PowerPoint is a work in progress. The webinar recording is available but the PP is not ready for dissemination. I’m working on an article that will be published later this year. That will have the full, polished presentation. But that … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation: A Blue Marble Evaluation Perspective

Climate change and the global emergency changes everything. The global mandate heard everywhere now is TRANSFORMATION.  Business-as-usual criteria (like the revised DAC Network on Development Evaluation evaluation criteria) are not adequate for evaluating transformation. Based on Blue Marble Evaluation premises and principles, this webinar will introduce and discuss six criteria for evaluating transformation.  The purpose is not … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation Featured at Esri Geodesign Conference

In August of last summer, in Portland Maine, I wanted to know if people were interested in the idea of transformations systems mapping and analysis. So, I brought together leaders in Blue Marble Evaluation as well as experts in systems mapping for a design charrette on this topic – and to see if anybody cared, … Read more

The Interconnection Between the Global and the Personal: A Blue Marble Perspective

At the end of February, as part of a speaking engagement on Blue Marble Evaluation in Charlotte, North Carolina, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of community leaders, activists, and scholars to discuss how we collectively and individually approach the climate emergency in our own work and our lives. The group included … Read more

Evaluation Criteria for Transformation Webinar Q&A

Webinar Recording available here. Click here to read a summary blog about webinar with resource links. CHAT QUESTIONS and FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS (in red) and PARTICIPANTS’ COMMENTS, WITH MQP RESPONSES Questions (in red) grouped together. There are many questions so I’ll try to keep responses short. This is an ongoing dialogue. Will the PowerPoint be available? MQP: The … Read more