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Transformation Systems Mapping & Analysis Group

One of the best methods for understanding transformations systems is the process of mapping them. There are a wide range of methods but there have been few attempts to document all current mapping methods and to understand when to use one type of mapping methods vs. another and more importantly to determine how to integrate across multiple mapping methods. We decided to address this critical issue with the launch of a global working group dedicated to Transformations Systems Mapping & Analysis and includes members form at least four networks interested in Transformations Systems. These networks include Blue Marble EvaluationRegenerative Communities NetworkSDG Transformations Forum and the International Geodesign Collaboration.

A series of four scoping sessions have been held as over 100 people have expressed interest. These four scoping sessions have occurred each month since January and were just completed on April 2nd. In total, 50 people, attended the sessions (some attended more than one session) and represented 18 countries: Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Uganda, Kenya, Taiwan, Australia, India, Tanzania and South Africa.  The anticipated launch of the working group is on April 22nd – the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  For more information please contact Glenn Page.

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