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Michael Recognized as Guilford Press Author of the Month for Blue Marble Evaluation

Michael Quinn Patton was recognized by Guilford Press, the publisher of Blue Marble Evaluation: Premises and Principles, as the December 2019 author of the month. In his interview, Michael shares,

“Blue Marble refers to the iconic image of the Earth from space without borders or boundaries, a whole Earth perspective. Many people, organizations, and networks are working to ensure that the future is more sustainable and equitable. Blue Marble evaluators enter the fray by helping design such efforts, provide ongoing feedback for adaptation and enhanced impact, and examine the long-term effectiveness of such interventions and initiatives.

“We humans are using our planet’s resources in ways that are unsustainable. Interconnected global crises demand action and evaluation, such as accelerating climate change; the pollution and deterioration of oceans, lands, and air; species extinction; and, growing inequities and economic turbulence. Solving these crises calls for each of us to contribute to solutions in whatever realms of engagement we inhabit.

Visit the Guilford website to read the full interview with Michael about why he wrote the book and what ideas he hopes it will advance.

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