Principle 11: World Savvy

An elusive BME ideal: Harmonizing South/North interests, worldviews and frameworks

Description: World-savvy, glocally-orientated evaluators have to be adept at working across all sorts of silos and boundaries. Over the past 3-4 decades, North-South cooperation in the ‘aid’ or philanthropy sectors has been an important focus for evaluation; much less so South-South, North-North or triangular cooperation. Despite some recent shifts, significant differences remain between the ‘Global South’ … Read more

Blue Marble Evaluation Principles in Japanese

Blue Marble Japan, Inc. aims to facilitate system transformation to realize a sustainable world. They have translated the Blue Marble Principles into Japanese. Click here to view the principles Download the principles

Lessons about evaluating responses to the pandemic: Insights from the World Food Program Developmental Evaluation

Blue Marble Evaluation Context The first overarching Blue Marble Evaluation principle is the Global Thinking Principle: Apply whole-Earth big-picture thinking to all aspects of systems change. The World Food Programme (WFP) epitomizes that principle.  The pandemic, as a global challenge, requires Global Thinking. In evaluating WFP’s response to the pandemic, global thinking is critical. Working … Read more

Identifying and living into your Personal Principles – What it truly means to have skin in the game

In this webinar, Nora Murphy Johnson applies the Blue Marble Perspective to our personal development as blue marble evaluators. Because people and systems are interrelated and interdependent, global systems transformation will not happen without individual inner transformation. But what does that mean? And how do we chart our own individual transformation journeys? Hint: It starts with seeing … Read more

World Savvy Global Competence Matrix

World Savvy is a 501c3 organization based in the United States that works to build global competence in middle and high school students and educators. World Savvy’s approach was an early inspiration for Blue Marble Evaluation. Their Global Competence Matrix offers insight into what core concepts, values, skills and dispositions might be relevant for Blue Marble Evaluators.