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June 2021 Newsletter

As we look ahead to the June solstice, we are taking a breather from producing new content over the summer months (here in the northern hemisphere) to do some work on our network structure and the support we offer to our members. We will return with new webinars and programming in September. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at some of our recorded webinars and resources, as well as to begin thinking about producing your own content to contribute to the network! 

Regenerate Costa Rica + Blue Marble Baseline = Learning by Doing

Eduard MullerOlivier ChassotFernanda Pia & Glenn Page

This webinar introduces the early stages of a project to develop a Blue Marble Baseline in Costa Rica. Hear from practitioners on the ground about how they are thinking about applying Blue Marble Principles in practice.

Relational Systems Thinking

Melanie Goodchild & Terrellyn Fearn

This webinar introduces the concept of Relational Systems Thinking and its connections to Blue Marble Thinking as a bridge between systems thinking and Anishinaabe Gikendaasowin (original ways of knowing) . 

Fostering an Intergenerational Approach to Transforming Evaluation

Khalil BitarTaruna GuptaSawsan Al-Zatari & Gerardo Sánchez

In this webinar, we hear from several young and emerging evaluators and leaders from the EvalYouth Global Network about the ways they are embedding BME principles into their work, both as a network and as individual evaluators. 

More webinar recordings from the past two years are available on our website.

Guest Blog from Zenda Ofir

Hear from our Advisory Council member, Zenda Ofir, as she reflects on the connections between Blue Marble Evaluation and the work of systems scientist, Donella Meadows. Read the full blog.

Go In-Depth with BME this Summer

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of Blue Marble Evaluation or gain new skills to embed the Principles of BME into your evaluation practice? We invite you to join the Blue Marble Evaluation Online Course offered by the International Program for Development Evaluation Training. The dates for the course are July 12-16, 2021. Participants at any level are welcome.
Click here for more information.

BME “Hubs”

As Blue Marble Evaluation gains traction around the globe, several place-based hubs have begun to form. These hubs have emerged organically, and include Japan, Geneva, Turtle Island/Canada and the Gulf of Maine. This month, several BME members from Southern Africa will be holding a webinar to discuss the possibility of forming a Hub in that region. If you are working in Southern Africa and would like to join the conversation, please click here to register.

If you are interested in connecting with fellow BME members in your region to explore the formation of a hub, please contact us. We will be working to develop a structure and support system for hubs over the next few months and will share that with the network in the fall (north)/ spring (south).

Featured Resources

Praxis Makes Perfect? Transcending Textbooks to Learning Evaluation Experientially and in Cultural Contexts by Nicole Bowman-Farrell (Waapalaneexkweew)
This article provides aspiring Blue Marble Evaluators with an alternative framework for thinking about professional development outside of “formal” and “scholarly” learning spaces. Particularly relevant in the context of the anthropocene, the article offers experiential learning in the field and within cultural contexts as a much-needed professional design component for developing responsive, effective, and transformative evaluators.Developmental Evaluation Companion
by Jamie Gamble, Kate McKegg and Mark Cabaj
This new e-book from the McConnell Foundation introduces the concept of DE and provides an overview of the essential elements of this approach. There is an ever-expanding set of views, resources and even critiques on DE, which signals to us that the field is very much alive. The intent of this companion is to encourage going deeper and wrestling with the many issues and ideas presented. This book is very much aligned with Blue Marble evaluation and is an excellent resources for Blue Marble Evaluators wishing to deepen their understanding and/or practice of DE.

NASA Photo: Taking to the Air and Sea to Study Ocean Eddies

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