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Learning as you go: Becoming part of the solution as a Blue Marble Evaluator navigating the pandemic

What are we learning in this pandemic? We are seeing that individuals matter: individual actions have reverberating consequences. We are also seeing that systems matter: how systems act to address the pandemic and protect peoples have dire consequences for the individuals that live in society and for the rest of us around the blue marble. Various levels of governments are by far the largest stakeholders in transformative engagements as systems where the public service, GUIDEd by principles of democracy, respect for peoples, integrity, and stewardship are entrusted to serve the people and navigate us through the pandemic.

How do we, as Blue Marble evaluators, tackle complexity that continues to morph? This webinar is for evaluators both internal and external working directly or indirectly for or with the social innovators in the public/not-for-profit sector who find themselves dealing with problems, trying out strategies, and striving to be where we want to be that emerge from our engagement with the transformation process.

We invite you to participate from where you are and engage in a hands-on synchronous experiential learning as collaborative BME learners to learn how to zoom in and out to provide timely, meaningful, relevant, credible, and actionable information as BM evaluators in support of systems transformation so that BME is part of the solution, utilizing principles-focused developmental evaluation as an intervention that inform innovative and adaptive development in complex realities of our Anthropocene.

Speaker: Keiko Kuji-Shikatani

Please click here to watch a recording.

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