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Evaluation and the Challenge of Our Time – AEA Panel Follow-up Conversation

This webinar is now complete. Click here to access a recording

This webinar will provide a space for panelists from a recent AEA session on the climate crisis to continue the conversation and answer questions.

The urgency of climate change presents an opportunity for action by evaluators on what is arguably the most pressing challenge we face not just as evaluators, but as inhabitants on this planet. This “tragedy of the commons” sits squarely within the AEA ethical guiding principle, Common Good and Equity. The climate crisis is one of humanity’s great moral moments, alongside the abolition of slavery, the defeat of apartheid, votes for women and gay rights. There are no bystanders; the outcomes affect us all and future generations. What does this mean for evaluation as a profession, and how can evaluators engage in the challenge of our time? The answer to these questions will shape the future of evaluators in more ways than one. In the original session, panelists explored our collective and individual responsibilities as evaluators.

Panel Moderators & Co-Presenters

Allison Van

Scott Chaplowe


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