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Transforming Food Systems with Beacons of Hope

Summary: Around the world, an extensive network of people and initiatives are transforming food systems. Beacons of Hope: Accelerating Food Systems Transformation is a project by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food that aims to amplify the power and potential of transforming food systems to address critical global issues such as climate change, biodiversity, equity, and health. Drawing on the experiences of these initiatives and transitions literature research, the Global Alliance developed a Food Systems Transformation Framework to better understand the transformation process.

Frameworks help us understand, analyze, and shift systems. What can we learn from past transformations? How do systemic transformations occur? What conditions foster change? How do we distinguish between incremental shifts and transformative change? Join this webinar featuring Lauren Baker, Director of Programs at the Global Alliance to learn how Blue Marble Evaluation is guiding phase two of the Beacons of Hope project.

Presenters: Lauren Baker and Pablo Vidueira

Recording currently unavailable

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