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Thresholds of Transformation: How r3.0 Defines “Progress”

This webinar is now complete. Click here to access a recording of this webinar.

Summaryr3.0 (Redesign for Resilience and Regeneration) just hosted its 7th International Conference in September, and so in this webinar, they present a round-up of activity from it. The Program structure revolves around four thematic pairings that align with r3.0’s Work Ecosystem and its vision of the elements of necessary transformation.

  • Science & Behavior: The Global Thresholds & Allocations Council (GTAC) ties the science of threshold determinations with the behavioral ethics of allocations — this Webinar will cover r3.0’s work on GTAC’s Theory of Transformation as well as approaches to addressing bioregional carrying capacities
  • Finance & Growth: r3.0 is releasing its Sustainable Finance Blueprintwhich addresses post-growth concepts 
  • Value & Circularity: r3.0 is also releasing its Value Cycles Blueprintwhich calls for a new system of value focused on System Value, and transcending linear and circular economics with cyclical, spiral, and fractal economics
  • Governance & Education: the Conference marks the launch of 1-year development processes on Systemic Governance & Funding Blueprint and Educational Transformation Blueprint.

r3.0 is pulling all of these themes together in a World Progress Report that sets a baseline for gauging future progress (defined much differently than how progress is defined today) that we will publish on an annual basis thereafter.

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