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November 2021 Newsletter

As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your ongoing engagement with Blue Marble Evaluation. This network emerged out of a vision to connect evaluators around the world under a common set of principles, with the goal of transforming evaluation to ensure its relevance to global systems transformation towards equity and sustainability.

As we look ahead to 2022, we invite you to share your thoughts with us to guide the network in the coming year. Please take a 5-10 minutes to complete this brief BME survey We look forward to your feedback and continued engagement.

In the meantime, in this newsletter you’ll find information about the virtual book launch for the 5th Edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluationreflections from BME co-founder Glenn G. Page at COP26 and where to find us at the American Evaluation Association Conference. Enjoy!

Virtual Book Launch
Utilization-Focused Evaluation, 5th Edition

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 5th Edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation, the first edition to prominently feature Blue Marble Evaluation.

Join authors and BME co-founders, Michael and Charmagne on Wednesday 17 November for a virtual book launch to learn more about the 5th edition.

Utilization-Focused Evaluation as the Overarching Framework for Blue Marble Evaluation

The publication of the new 5th edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation provides an opportunity to revisit the interconnection between Blue Marble Evaluation and Utilization-Focused Evaluation. In essence, Blue Marble evaluations should be utilization-focused so Utilization-Focused Evaluation provides the overarching framework for Blue Marble Evaluation. This blog summarizes how we address the interconnection in the new book.

A Blue Marble Moment

Reflections from Glenn G. Page @ Cop26

Under a massive and slowly spinning earthen globe in the SSE Hydro in Glasgow Scotland, I joined a meditation circle of 12 people led by two monks from Plum Village Monastery in France. The Monastery, founded by Thich Nhat Han, has become a spiritual lifeline for several of the leaders of CoP26. This makes sense when you consider the stakes of the event well named as the “last best chance” to get it right. The event is a dizzying mix of diplomacy, dance cards, and dinners. Each day, bold pledges and angry protests are captured by the massive media corps.

It is also a clarion call for Blue Marble Evaluation. Read the full blog


Hear from and connect with fellow Blue Marble Evaluation members at the following American Evaluation Association sessions next week:

A Blue Marble Lens on Evaluating Education Policy: How global ideas can be adapted to local needs

8 November 2021 @ 12pm EST

Blue Marble Evaluators and researchers from Canada, the United States, and Greenland will discuss the importance of context, leadership, and capacity in the quest to develop differing education systems that are affected by and responsive to globalization while meeting local needs. These two perspectives are key to addressing social change, social justice, equity and sustainability.

Transformative Engagement: Blue Marble Evaluators’ role in uncovering social structures that limit human potential

9 November @ 1pm EST

The session will apply a Blue Marble lens to the issue of how we can create and evaluate education systems that are responsive to diverse cultural backgrounds. More broadly, it will  explore how evaluations can contribute to uncovering social structures that no longer serve the common good, and to ensuring social justice and equity. 

Meeting the Transformational Moment: Wisdom from Young and Emerging Evaluators

12 November @ 2:30pm EST

Hear from several young and emerging Blue Marble Evaluators, including Taruna Gupta and Minji Cho, about their perspectives on how evaluation as a profession can meet the moment and inform and participate in global systems transformation at the intersection of environmental and social justice.

Featured Opportunities & Resources

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