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Establishing a Blue Marble Evaluation Hub in Southern Africa

  • Are you a development practitioner, academic or donor interested in the design and implementation of programmes that serve people and the planet, that contribute to global programmes while implementing locally?
  • Are you an evaluator working in southern Africa and interested in understanding how interventions are contributing to change in complex and dynamic contexts and keen to contribute to transformational learning and change at different levels?
  • Are you interested in learning with others how to design and evaluate programmes in today’s fast changing world?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then join the first southern African Blue Mable Evaluation hub webinar.

Blue Marble Evaluation (BME) is a new and transformative approach to evaluation building on many years experience amongst evaluators. It is also a network of evaluators, a resource for evaluation users, and a global initiative that trains the next generation of evaluators to think globally, act globally and evaluate globally. There’s a growing BME global network globally and we think it’s time to establish a southern African hub to take this forward. We live in fast changing times where transformation is needed and we need the tools and approaches to go along with this. BME is just that. You are invited to join us for this webinar that takes the first step to setting up a southern African hub.

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