BME Book Club

Blue Marble Evaluation Book Club

Have you started reading Michael’s new book, Blue Marble Evaluation: Premises and Principles yet? If not, this is great motivation to read it alongside other fellow BME members! If so, perhaps you have questions and thoughts you’d like to share with Michael and others? In either case, we invite you to join the BME Book club, which kicks off … Read more

Special Blue Marble Book Club Webinar – Transformation: What It Means, Why It Matters

The Blue Marble Evaluation book club sponsored a special webinar on Chapter 3 of the book, which focuses on the Transformation Engagement Principle.  In this webinar, distinguished philosopher Elizabeth Minnich joined Michael Quinn Patton for a dialogue about the nature and meaning of transformation. She is the author of Transforming Knowledge.  She and Michael co-edited a book last year entitled THOUGHT WORK: … Read more