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Social Innovation Generation: Fostering a Canadian Ecosystem for Systems Change

By Geraldine Cahill & Kelsey Spitz

Published by J.W. McConnell Family Foundation (2017)

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The partnership, Social Innovation Generation (SiG), was founded in 2007 with a mission to create a culture of continuous social innovation in Canada. It was born to serve the people changing the very way society works — the people who live on the edge of stuck systems, locked in place by the norms, politics and ideas of previous eras; who bring together human ingenuity, passion and compassion to respond to these failing systems; and for whom necessity is mother of invention and care is the other parent. In this book, the authors lay bare what this mission meant to them, why it matters, what they learned, where they stumbled and their insights into how social innovation happens. Included throughout the book are reflections from the SiG principals and Indigenous innovation leaders that serve to highlight key opportunities today and discrete milestone events or approaches.

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