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Monthly U-FE Webinar – Principle 2 – Personalize

This webinar is part of a monthly series offered by Utilization-Focused Evaluation in partnership with Blue Marble Evaluation. The publication of the new 5th edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation provides an opportunity to revisit the interconnection between Blue Marble Evaluation and Utilization-Focused Evaluation. In essence, Blue Marble evaluations should be utilization-focused so Utilization-Focused Evaluation provides the overarching framework for Blue Marble Evaluation.

Join us as we explore Principle 2: Personalize. This principle calls us to Honor the personal factor; identify and engage with the primary intended users of the evaluation.

Identifying, organizing, and engaging primary intended users optimizes the personal factor, which emphasizes that an evaluation is more likely to be used if intended users are involved in ways they find meaningful, feel ownership of the evaluation, find the questions relevant, and care about the findings.

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Wed, 04/20/2022 – 15:00

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