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Blue Marble Evaluation as Theory of Transformation

  • June 18, 2023

This workshop is part of the Canadian Evaluation Society conference in Quebec City. Click here to register.

Blue Marble refers to the iconic image of the Earth from space without borders or boundaries, a whole Earth perspective. Blue Marble Evaluation consists of principles and criteria for evaluating transformational initiatives aimed at a more equitable and sustainable world. This means transforming evaluation to evaluate transformation. Evaluating transformation means moving from theory of change to theory of transformation. Incorporating the Blue Marble perspective means looking beyond nation-state boundaries and across sector and issue silos to connect the global and local, connect the human and ecological, and connect evaluative thinking and methods with those trying to bring about global systems transformation. This workshop will provide a framework and tools (a Thoughtkit) for evaluating place-based systems transformation initiatives within a global systems theory of transformation framework. Participants will become knowledgeable about evaluations for systems transformation.


12:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Blue Marble Evaluation as Theory of Transformation

Michael Patton Michael Patton


Michael Patton

Utilization-Focused Evaluation - Founder & CEO

  • Time : 12:30 pm - 8:30 pm (UTC+0)