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Eastern and Southern Africa BME Hub

The Eastern and Southern Africa BME is a community of uniquely African development and evaluation practitioners that have skin in the game and take positions on important development and evaluation matters and approaches in favour of sustainable and equitable transformation.


The purpose of the Eastern and Southern Africa BME hub is to help  evaluation and evaluators from the region contribute towards more sustainable and equitable transformations in eastern and southern Africa and beyond.


In June 2021, about 30 evaluators from eastern and southern Africa met and agreed on the need to establish a BME hub for the region. Click here to read the concept note from the hub.


The objectives of the Eastern and Southern Africa BME hub are:

  1. To find ways of making evaluation address the crises facing humanity and of integrating BME into knowledge systems and ecosystem  transformation across scales.
  2. To enable evaluation facilitators to be more fully engaged as actors and activists in strategic processes towards significant change/transformation.
  3. To find ways of influencing evaluation and funding practices to become better able to deal with complex development and evaluation.
  4. To contribute towards growing and improving development and evaluation work.
  5. To validate and strengthen local expertise and support stakeholders at the margins of global power to have their voices heard.
  6. To promote joint ventures/efforts in field of evaluation for socially just and ecologically sustainable transformation.
  7. To provide a space, knowledge resources and processes for dialogue, debates and conversations on ways of making evaluation more relevant to the eastern and southern African context(s).
  8. To link into a global network of practitioners committed to sustainable and equitable change, and learn with others.



Below is a list of members of the BME Eastern and Southern Africa Hub as of December 2022: 

Shylock Muyengwa, Audrey Charamba, Obrian Fungai Nyamucherera, Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson, Dorothy Mushayavanhu, Moses Moyo, Tafadzwa Kafesu, Juliana Manjengwa, Thenjiwe Sisimayi, Isaac Makanani, Jephias Mudondo, Patrick Mupedzisi, Emily Hwengwere, Julianna Manjengwa, John Wilson, Bongani Wilson, Tsitsi Maradze, Mutizwa MukuteJennifer Bisgard, Yolande Toohey, Juliann Moodley, Barbara Klugman, Carmel Marock, Ingrid Obery, Warren Banks, Caroline Trigg, Zenda Ofir, Dorothy Adebanjo, Ian Goldman, Jane Burt, Denis Ronald Ocaya, Kevin Teopista Akoyi, Joseph Muzinga, CAPS Msukwa, Jacob Wanyama, Taruna GuptaLucy Omondi

If you are interested in getting involved in this hub, please contact Mutizwa Mukute